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An accredited public health consultant, public speaker and media personality with 15 years of experience in the field, Francisco Ramirez works with global organizations including the United Nations and MTV to answer today’s toughest questions on sexuality and health.

To make his messages of sexual wellness accessible to all, he also regularly offers "free advice on relationships, sex and dating" to passersby in New York City parks and streets. Francisco is also currently developing original television programming that enlightens as much as it entertains.

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MTV VJ Fix + Francisco: One Night Stands blog2/Entries/2011/11/5_MTV_VJ_Fix_+_Francisco__One_Night_Stands.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

From Sarah Fulton of MTV Voices:

“We’ve been shooting the Vox Pop series for MTV Staying Alive for the past year now and with every new take, I am more and more convinced of one thing: New Yorkers are hysterically bizarre--and aren’t afraid to admit it. In fact, they love telling us about their dirtiest secrets and revel even more in the fact that it’s for the camera.

Through each “Vox Pop”, which in Latin means “Voice of the People”, we have been able to capture the most candid commentary on people’s personal sex lives which has handed us segues into discussing sexual health on a silver platter. Whether it was asking people when they last “F’d up” when it came to safer sex, to asking HIV test administrators when their last HIV test was, we were never short of being flabbergasted by what we uncovered.

In the Vox Pop you see here, MTV Base VJ Fix and MTV Staying Alive’s Francisco Ramirez, hit the streets of New York City asking New Yorker’s to reveal their most embarrassing one night stand stories. Follow them as they get the dirt from these confessions.

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Dan Savage interview at MTV!blog2/Entries/2012/3/2_%22Fran_n_Dan%22_-_My_Dan_Savage_Interview_for_MTV_Voices.htmladvice.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0

I jumped up and down when I heard that MTV Voices wanted me to interview Dan Savage for a sexpert-to-sexpert look into his life and views on sex and dating.

Dan was incredibly gracious, insightful, and full of LOL-moments, as per usual. He even remembered some personal details that I shared with him when I last guest-hosted his podcast, the Savage LoveCast. (Click here to listen to that podcast.)

Dinosaur-size thanks to all who made this possible, including: Megan McDavid, Nat Yordan, Mia Villanueva, Sarah Fulton (who made this all possible), the crew at MTV News and MTV Voices, and of course, Mr. Dan Savage!

Also, stay tuned for Dan Savage’s new show, Savage U, debuting in the US on MTV on April 3rd at 11pm--not to be missed! (I will be live-tweeting a storm: #SavageU.)

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- Francisco guest-hosting the Savage LoveCast with Dan Savage

- “One-Night Stands,” our most recent Vox Pop for MTV!

- “Sex and Lies” for MTV Staying Alive

- Francisco’s first MTV Vox Pop: “When Was the Last Time You F’d Up?”

- “Sex Educators Tell All”

  1. -Introducing: Global Health Consultant, Franciscoon MTV Staying Alive

Sextra Credit with Francisco on MTV Voicesblog2/Entries/2012/7/21_Sextra_Credit_with_Francisco.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0

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Sextra Credit with Francisco - Episode 1 - Condoms 101

Sextra Credit with Francisco - Episode 2 - Sluts

Sextra Credit with Francisco - Episode 3 - Talk About Sex

The sign read, “Free advice from Francisco: Relationships, Sex & Dating.”

Spotted at the foot of the East Village near Astor Place, Francisco Ramirez sits face-to-face with anyone who wants to take a seat. For three years, Ramirez has been offering advice on relationships, sex and dating for no charge (no donations are accepted either). He views this opportunity as an innovative method to provide a public service to a diverse audience... (Read more.)

In The News

August 10, 2012

“When the Shrink’s Away...”


"...Francisco Ramirez, a U.N. trainer and educator with a master's in public health from Columbia who specializes in sex, dating and relationship advice. On a recent night in Washington Square, the impishly handsome sexologist, looking sharp in his white polo shirt and white loafers, offered 20-minute sessions to the dazed and confused wandering under the moonlight. A tipsy, cigar-smoking couple celebrating their first anniversary asked how to keep their marriage going. A gay couple wanted help navigating an open relationship. A man wanted to know what you do after you discover your girlfriend is sleeping with your brother.

August is a rough month for many New Yorkers, says Mr. Ramirez, who refuses any donations. We're unplugged from our usual routines and our friends are away. All night long, he encouraged his clients to trust their instincts and not be too hard on themselves, which is pretty much what my therapist does for $150 an hour. Most folks walked away looking encouraged." (Read more.)

Wall Street Journal article

Francisco Ramirez offers advice in Washington Square Park.

Pearl Gabel for the Wall Street Journal

Sextra Credit with Francisco - Episode 4 - Friends w/ Benefits

MTV Voices: Francisco’s Top 5 to Avoid Getting Catfished http://mtvvoices.com/en/2013/02/five-tips-to-avoid-being-catfished/shapeimage_10_link_0

Via MTV Voices:

Francisco Ramirez our resident sexpert gives us 5 tips on how to avoid being Catfished. For those that don’t know what Catfish means – A Catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Nearly 5 years advice-ing in parks, and I’d never allowed a reporter to sit down and record live in the park with me, until now.

Swedish Public Radio’s Erik Sjölin joined me in Union Square to find out: what happens on a typical day at Free Sex Advice with Francisco?

In truth, there’s no “typical day” at Free Advice. Sometimes my abs hurt from laughing so hard--laughing with not at, of course. And other times, I wish I’d brought Kleenex.

The voices and sounds that Erik picked up on his recorder, though, really give a sense of what it’s like out in the park on a crisp winter day, surrounded by chess players, street performers, and the real sex lives of New Yorkers.

I’m glad that the world finally has a glimpse into how I spend my weekends and why I love my work as much as I do.

Listen to the show here at the link above, or visit the original Verkligheten i P3 show page. (My voice is presented in English, while the reporter narrates in Swedish.)

Sincerest thanks to Erik. And above all, to those who allowed their stories to be recorded.

Click here to find out where you can catch Free Advice with Francisco. And follow on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates on #FreeSexAdvice.

Erik Sjölin of Swedish Public Radio interviewing Francisco Ramirez in Union Square, NYC. March 2013. Photo by Guillaume David.

Listen here!

[Show starts at 3:56. Francisco’s voice presented in English; reporter narrates in Swedish.]

Dr. Timaree Schmit rocks. I met her years ago at Widener University and have been a die-hard fan ever since.

Not only is she super eloquent and super smart (with a doctorate in Human Sexuality from Widener), but she’s already put out over 100 episodes of her fabulous podcast, “Sex with Timaree.”

I had the pleasure of recording an episode with Timaree this week. And I must say, she asks terrific questions. You’ve gotta listen. (Click play in the box above, or visit here.)

Here’s what Timaree had to say:

Listen below! (Or here)

It doesn’t get more legit than Francisco Ramirez.

This is a guy so accomplished and passionate about sexual health that he kept his volunteer activism a secret from his co-workers and family… until the publicity his works garnered forced him to “come out.”

From shaping UN policy on HIV to co-hosting an MTV show with THE Dan Savage, developing a sex ed mobile app and (my personal favorite) giving out free sex advice to total strangers in New York, Francisco‘s…. well, he’s just killin it.

We chatted about the weirdest things strangers have asked him, how to do sex ed when the demos for your audience might be anywhere from 11 to 24, who should be giving “The Talk” to Sasha and Malia Obama and why it’s not a Talk at all, but a lifelong process of being a person.

Listen here or on iTunes where you can subscribe and get all the episodes even sooner!

Back in March 2013, while attending CatalystCon East--which if you don't know about, it's basically a sex educator's paradise--I had the grand pleasure of sitting down with Tristan Taormino to record an episode for her Sex Out Loud Radio show.

Tristan is a renowned sexuality educator, author, activist, and film director. Not only is she an acclaimed expert on anal sex and porn, she is also incredibly warm and generous. And she is totally my sex ed hero.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic to sit down with her for this recording. I appear on the first half of the show, followed by an eye-opening interview with Airial Clark on sex-positive parenting that's definitely worth a listen. Check it out below, or here.

Sex Out Loud Radio with Tristan Taormino

Tristan Taormino is the host of Sex Out Loud Radio, airing every Friday at 8pm Eastern time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

Listen to Francisco on Sex Out Loud Radio with Tristan Taormino below! (Or here)

Wanna know the real story on what it’s like doing #FreeSexAdvice for 5+ years in NYC?

Sandra Daugherty (Sex Nerd Sandra) & I go there.

Have a listen to this juicy hour-long conversation on the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast, part of Nerdist.com.

Interview with Sex Nerd Sandra

Listen to Francisco and Sex Nerd Sandra below! (Or here)

Sat, Apr 11, Union Square, 3-5pmadvice.htmladvice.htmladvice.htmlshapeimage_22_link_0shapeimage_22_link_1
Francisco Talks Sex Worker Safety for Vocativ

Francisco speaks with Vocativ about a class that he’s led on sex workers safety for Rent Up.