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What are New Yorkers asking me?

How much of in vino veritas is veritas, and how much of it is just the vino?
What tips can a “nice guy who finishes last” learn from the rude boys?
Sex with other mall rats is getting old...fast. How does a suburban gal like me expand her horizons?
It’s been years and she’s still not over my cheating. Does she still have the right to be tripping?
Can f*** buddies of 10 years somehow “upgrade” and become boyfriends?
Gay marriage passed in New York. I’m now feeling a whole new pressure to find sex that is more than a one-night stand. Will this make me boring?
Masturbating while driving. Do you give this the green light or the red light?
If I start being monogamous with her, do I have to update my Facebook status to “in a relationship”?
To whom should I reveal that I’m secretly in love with my housekeeper?

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To accept--or not to accept--tips in the park?

When I first started Free Advice, nearly 5 years ago, my critics told me I’d be crazy to not ask for donations from my advice-seekers in the park. They said that charging money to talk about sex was the right thing to do. If I accepted money in the park, they said, my advice-seekers would take the conversation more to heart. Likewise, they said, I would hold myself to a higher standard, and that without making money from each interaction, I’d burn out. I thought otherwise.

Who comes to see me?

People from all walks of life come to chat. Some people who I see in the park are homeless or have little or no income or resources. For these people who come see me, paying a dollar--or even a quarter--is not an option.

Why is Free Sex Advice free?

I believe that everyone has a right to lead a sexually healthy, fulfilling life regardless of their socioeconomic reality. Free Sex Advice with Francisco is one small way I contribute to making the world a more sexually healthy and compassionate place for everyone.

So, it’s really free?

Yes. I do not ask for money from people in the park--nor do I accept any.

I know you don’t accept tips in the park. Can I still support Free Advice?

Yes--and thank you! If you’d like to support Free Advice and my work, you can click on the PayPal button below to donate. Your donations help fund everything from special events permits for the NYC Parks & Recreation Department, recording equipment, website server maintenance, hand warmers for chilly days, and even cups of cocoa during 6-hour Free Advice marathons in the city. Thank you in advance for for your kind donation!

Support Free Sex Advice

What is #FreeSexAdvice with Francisco?

Francisco Ramirez loves bringing his knowledge as a sex educator to the streets--literally. Since 2008, he has offered free advice on sex, dating & relationships to passersby in New York City parks, streets and subway platforms.

Come find Francisco, and chat in English, Spanish, Portuguese, American Sign Language or French!

Friday, APR 24 

6:00 - 8:00p

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Coming May 2nd... a special guest at #FreeSexAdvice!

Joan Price, media-dubbed “Senior Sexpert,” will be serving up Free Sex Advice with Francisco in Union Square (NYC), Saturday, May 2nd, from 4-6pm.

Joan Price is an advocate for ageless sexuality, and author of three books on sexuality: The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50, Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty, and Naked at Our Age.

Not only is Joan witty and hilarious, she’s also terrifically smart on all things sex.

Spread the word, and be there, folks!